Naturaleza Muerta II (English)



Ice Dragon,

Hidden blaze.

Where is your gut?

What do you feel?

Me, I am voiceless

Will you speak for me?

Expel the unfaithful ones from this our temple.

Time is running short now

There is no place for vain compassion.

The lotus on the surface only mirrors all this fury

What will it be of my soul without you?




I return to the stream

reflection of a thousand lives

Why go back to that root of all sufferings?

I yearn for the uncertain,

I weigh its beauty

and even more its light.

Immersed to see the invisible,


I seek shelter at the core,

The source of the spring.




Eyes shut,

I prepare to receive this rain on my hands,

to wash away all imperfections, all maybes ill conceived,

The sounds that are an oddity as well and the only notion connecting us both.

You abandon yourself to the journey,

I stay to close the doors.

Just like you I try anew

the language of the chrysalis.




When did you become the oak that blossoms green outside my window?

I thought you were willow in the winter; I thought you were many things.

No more ripples in the water, from the weeping hollow.

From the excess that we were.

For that is time

rushing wild through our veins.




It Crawled out from under debris of willingness

From the west, where the violent wind takes its tole

We watch as it brings all down.

If the mount was untouched the land won’t say

the secret is well kept among us

as we smile politely

and overlook its monstrosity, our own

how we lust for you untameable lord!